"Surrender" & Sexy As Hell Music Video

Quest The Artist vs. Lindstrom & Nasty Bois

Quest The Artist puts his songs "Surrender" and "Sexy As Hell" from his -DigiSeXSpaceLove- Project over home video footage from his iphone 4.

Last FM adds "Let It Go" To Playlist!

LastFM.com adds "Let it Go" from The DigiSexSpaceLove Project! We're excited! Click on the link and take a listen to Quest and other artist like him!


Quest The Artist & Microsoft BING

The technology giant's brand spots will reference the awards by pre-congratulating "the Golden Globe winners of the future."

NEW YORK -- The Golden Globes don't just provide a big stage for established and up-and-coming Hollywood stars.

During the awards telecast's commercial breaks, technology giant Microsoft will also run ads that will put the spotlight on the hopes and struggles of a handful of undiscovered actors and -- through their stories -- on its new brand tagline, "Be What's Next."

Microsoft has run ads during the Golden Globes show before. What is unique about this Sunday's two brand spots though is that they mark the first time that the new tagline will appear in national TV commercials and that the spots directly reference the context of the Globes.

Microsoft put out a casting call to undiscovered actors and asked them to talk about their struggles, aspirations and passion. The results are two 30-second spots, one for Bing and one for the Windows Phone, that show the aspiring talents discussing their real-life experiences and hopes. The themes of the spots are "decisions" and "commitment."

At the end, each spot shows one talent and the lines "You don't know them. But you will." A voiceover then says "Microsoft pre-congratulates the Golden Globe winners of the future" ....

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Working on the new album!!! 5 Songs in !!!

Quest The Artist Presents: Aquarium

Quest The Artist Presents Aquarium: A still photo video installation.
"Life is a collaboration of moments, Be Still." -Quest The Artist

Quest The Artist-Aquarium from Quest The Artist on Vimeo.

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Melody Ehsani uses Quest for her new M.E.N's Line

Celebrity designer Melody Ehsani finally adds M.E.N's pieces to her collection of funky fresh accessories and uses the stylish Quest to let you know what's good this season!

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